1963 Dodge 330
Competition # 980

After the Candystick Wagon proved to a lost cause, an additional 330 Sedan was delivered to thr Ramchargers.  Identical to their other car, the team was now poised to double their chances of winning at National Events. With the new Maximum Performance packages (Max Wedge) from Dodge and Plymouth being so dominate, there were ten times as many Mopars at the track as there had ever been.    

Distancing themselves with Eckstrand even further, the first 63 car, now with its HODGES DODGES sponsorship replacing the Stanford Bros. logo, was re-numberd as Number 981.  The new matching car would wear 980.   Driving duties between the two cars would be split between Jim Thornton and Herman Mozer.   The team continued to run both cars through the 1963 season, filling their calendar with National events, Match Races, and tire testing for Goodyear.  As well as renting Detroit Dragway on many Wednesdays for testing.

At the end of the 1963 season, as usual, the # 980 car was sold off to a racer named Ray Christian, who raced it in SS/SA under the Christian's Auto Service Banner.

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