United States Lion Mints Program

Thank you for choosing Lion Mints to advance your club’s fundraising and promotional efforts. For more than 20 years, Lion and Lioness Clubs in the United States and around the world have depended on the extraordinary profits generated by the sale of Lion Mints to purchase eyeglasses and hearing aids for the needy; send kids to camp; assist the disabled; help school programs and provide support to the community.


Is your Lions Club in Mint Condition?

The LION MINTS PROGRAM is a time-tested and proven fundraising project for Lions Clubs throughout the world. Lion Mints provide visibility for your Club throughout your community. The Lions emblem certifies that the Lion Mints Program is an official Lions Club fundraising activity. Our quality products project a positive image of your Lions Club year around.

Lions Clubs of Michigan District 10 Past District Governors Sara Doubledee and Mike Kobasic draw the winners of the Lion Mints Raffle at the 31st Annual USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Are you visible in your Community?

Lions Club fundraising activity

Our Goals To Help

Lion & Lioness Clubs Maximize Profits

Goals to Supply

To Supply The Best Quality Lions Candy Products

Our Goals to Provide

A Source for Multiple District & Lions Foundation Project & Administrative Funds

The LION MINTS PROGRAM is a time-tested and proven fundraising project for Lions Clubs

Marketing Information

Procedures For Lion Mints Program

How to Approach Merchants

  • Request Counter space for Lions Mints
  • Ask if merchant is familiar with Lions mission. Be sure to say it will only take a small space (If they put it somewhere you don’t like, try to talk them into a better place, but be tactful).
  • Look around—find a desirable spot–visibility, accessibility
  • Assume a humble attitude, don’t be pushy or demanding, and try to convey the importance of placing the mints in that business.

Where to Place Trays

Bus Stations
Nail Salons
Insurance Offices
Chamber of Commerce
Car Repair Waiting Rooms
Auto Parts Stores
Government Offices
City Offices
Telephone Stores

  • Restaurants (especially fast food places–try to place a double tray because of volume)

  • Physical Therapists (dentists and physicians probably would not allow)

Flower Shops
Beauty Salons
Barber Shops
Visitor Centers
Eye Doctors
Car Dealerships

  • Any retail business that has a good volume of walk-ins such as card shops & shoe stores etc. (Bars are not usually good places)


  • Always keep trays full – more important than filling trays is to get money removed promptly. Each place will develop a pattern of need, so you’ll know how often to go.

  • Some will only need monthly service, while others will need every 3–4 days in high volume places.

  • It is not a good policy to leave extra boxes at site for employees to fill trays with, as the money will be accumulating and could disappear.

  • If theft is suspected, seal bottom of tray with a sticker that would have to be broken if tray is tampered with. It tends to deter such activity by employees.

  • Keep display clean, backboards should be clean and have supplier’s name and phone number on the back. Trays should be clean, if not, switch for a clean one. Boxes sometimes collect debris—be sure dust hasn’t collected.


  • Talk to employees, especially young people. Tell them what the Lions stand for and what the club does for the community – surgeries, glasses, hearing aids, etc. Especially tell them about the sponsorship of youth programs (baseball teams, swim teams, band camps etc.) Then they feel inclined to monitor the trays for theft of mints and money.


  • Get magnetic signs made for the vehicle that delivers. Gives good visibility and awareness of the mint program and establishes presence of Lionism. Dress appropriately. Remember, when you visit these businesses, you represent the Lions and the image you present is important.


  • Be sure to keep adequate supplies of mints, trays and backboards on hand, so you can start new locations and not run out of mints in the event of a fundraiser.

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LionMints.net Candies
Specifications & Conditions

*All pricing, terms and conditions of sale are subject to change at the discretion of LionMints.net.


Telephone orders will be accepted and acceptance of delivery will constitute an agreement to abide by the terms and conditions of a written order. All orders will be accepted and processed to the extent that we can obtain inventory from the supplier.


Lion Mints are double wrapped for more protection and extra freshness. All flavors are packaged 576 rolls per case (12 rolls per box – 48 boxes per case).


Customers will be charged the actual freight costs of shipping all Lion Mints products (candy, trays, racks, backer cards, etcetera). LionMints.net is not responsible for additional freight charges incurred for residential deliveries, telephone calls before delivery, storage, unloading fees, or charges for refusal of a shipment.


Lion Mints may be returned for credit if it is determined that the cases has not been opened, and it is determined that the product was shipped less than 6 months prior.


All payments are to be sent directly to LionMints.net – 5730 Executive Drive – Lansing, MI 48911. Payments will be recorded according to post office postmarks…not a postage meter postmark or check date.


Interest will accrue on all past due accounts at the annual rate of 15%. Payment terms are net 30 days.


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